The General Secretariat is in charge of the management of the CYTED Programme, under the direction of the General Assembly. The General Secretariat includes the technical management bodies of CYTED, which are the Area Committees, each headed by a manager expert in each area of ​​interest of the Programme.

The Area Managers are appointed by the General Assembly for a period of two years and may be elected for a further period. It also includes the Scientific Coordinator and the technical staff that provides support in the secretariat at the headquarters located in Madrid (Spain).

Secretary General

     Oscar Cóbar Pinto (Guatemala, 1955) General
     Secretary of CYTED 01 January 01st to June 30th
     2019. Pharmaceutical Chemist and Ph.D. in
     Chemistry with major in Organic Chemistry.
     More than 20 papers published in high impact
     scientific magazines, 40 years of academic
     experience; Dean of the Chemical Sciences
     School, Chairman at University of San Carlos,
     Guatemala of; the General Research Direction,
     Biological and Chemistry Institute at University.
     Pro-tempore President of; General Assembly of
     Iberoamerican General Secretariat -SEGIB-,
Council of Ministers of CTi -COMCYT- AOS, General Assembly of Global
Research Council-GRC-, Iberoamerican Program for Science and Technology

Former Secretaries General

for Development -CYTED-, Interamerican Institute for Global
Change Research -IAI-. “Outstanding Graduate Reserarch
Paper” from the NSF, USA, "Robert Laurus Award" from the
American Association for the Advancement of Science -AAAS-,
USA and National Medal for Science and Technology,
Congress of the Republic of Guatemala, among others.
Currently is the National State Secretary for Science and
Technology in Guatemala.

2012 – 2018 .- Alberto Majó Piñeyrúa

2003 – 2012 .- Fernando Aldana Mayor

1998 – 2003.- José Antonio Cordero

1997 – 1998.- Horacio Díaz del Barco

1989 – 1996.- Jesús Sebastián Audina

1986 – 1989.- Manuel Casero Nuño

1984 – 1986.- Eduardo Lechuga Jiménez

General Secretari

Responsable Gestión Económica
  Pilar Moreno Escribano


  Responsable Gestión de Acciones (I+D+i)
  Sandra Mazoteras Moreno


  Responsable Innovación y Logistica
  María José Penas García


  Responsable Comunicación e Imagen
  Iván Molinero Recio