Tipo de Publicación Año Pais Coordinador
A Predictive Control Scheme for a Single-Phase Grid-Supporting Quasi-Z-Source Inverter and its Integration with a Frequency Support Strategy Artículos 2023 Chile
Adaptive voltage control for second-order DC-DC converters supplying an unknown constant power load: a generalized PBC plus damping injection design Artículos 2023 Colombia
An innovative approach to assess the limitations of characterizing solar gains in buildings: a Spanish case study Artículos 2023 España
Cálculo del potencial geotérmico somero a escala regional mediante herramientas de geoprocesamiento SIG Entregables Red 2023 Argentina
Catálogo de microalgas y cianobacterias (Ecuador)-1 Manuales 2023 España
Catálogo de microalgas y cianobacterias (Ecuador)-2 Manuales 2023 España
Comparison of FCS-MPC Strategies in a Grid-Connected Single-Phase Quasi-Z Source Inverter Artículos 2023 Chile
Computational comparison of AC and DC motors to hydrodynamic changes in marine fishing vessels. Artículos 2023 Colombia
Electrochemical Chemically Based Sensors and Emerging Enzymatic Biosensors for Antidepressant Drug Detection: A Review Artículos 2023 Portugal
Estimation of heating system energy modeling profiles based on environmental monitoring records in Central-Southern Chile Artículos 2023 Chile
Framework for Training a VA that Supports Territorial Planning Artículos 2023 Ecuador
Guía de Buenas Prácticas de Gestión Ambiental para Pymes de Muebles de Madera Manuales 2023 Colombia
Haros et al. Editors (2023).Latin-American Seeds. Agronomic, Processing and Health Aspects. Food Biotechnology and Engineering, ISBN:9780367531454 Libros 2023 España
Improving Precision and Efficiency at Laser Shooting Ranges: Using Video Processing for Impact Quantification Artículos 2023 Ecuador
Integración y Análisis de pequeñas turbinas eólicas en entornos urbanos Libros 2023 España