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IL-6 −572C>G and CARD8 304T>A Genetic Polymorphisms are Associated with the Absolute Neutrophil Count in Patients with Hematological Malignancies Under Chemotherapy: An Applica Artículos 2020 Chile
Identification of Key Proteins from the Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres-Associated Promyelocytic Leukemia Nuclear Bodies Pathway Artículos 2022 Chile
Role of Secondary Plant Metabolites on Enteric Methane Mitigation in Ruminants Artículos 2020 Mexico
Electrochemical Chemically Based Sensors and Emerging Enzymatic Biosensors for Antidepressant Drug Detection: A Review Artículos 2023 Portugal
Ballester‑Sánchez et al. (2019). Rheological and thermal properties of royal quinoa and wheat flour blends for breadmaking. European Food Research and Technology, 245, 1571–1582. Artículos 2019 España
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CFD Modeling of Near-Roadway Air Pollution Artículos 2020 Mexico
Generación de maíces especializados para mejorar la salud y nutrición en México Artículos 2022 Ecuador
BUNGEE: An Adaptive Pushback Mechanism for DDoS Detection and Mitigation in P4 Data Planes Artículos 2021 Colombia
Social ways: Learning multi-modal distributions of pedestrian trajectories with GANs, Amirian J., Hayet J. B. and Pettré, J. Artículos 2019 Ecuador
A Sensor-to-Pattern Calibration Framework for Multi-Modal Industrial Collaborative Cells, Rato D., Oliveira M., Santos V., Gomes M. and Sappa A. Artículos 2022 Ecuador
A stabilizing predictive controller with implicit feedforward compensation for stable and time-delayed systems Artículos 2022 España
Art Graffiti Detection in Urban Images Using Deep Learning. Bomfim, Tacio Souza, Éldman de Oliveira Nunes, and Ángel Sánchez. Artículos 2022 Ecuador
Dockemu 2.0: Evolution of a Network Emulation Tool Artículos 2020 Colombia