Projects on Strategic Issues are research and technological development projects within groups of CYTED countries. These are financed with both CYTED funds as well as with external contributions from the member countries through their national organizations (ONCYT). The projects must be relevant from the viewpoints of Research and Innovation, should have transnational character and their duration will be of up to three years.

The Strategic Issues in the 2018 Call were:

1.- Emerging contaminants.
2.- Forest fires. Comprehensive risk and disaster management. Prevention, extinction and restoration.

The countries that financially support their groups to participate in the call are:
Chile,  Colombia, México, Nicaragua and Perú.



The call is based on a competitive application system, and subsequent peer evaluation. The selection process is carried out in consultation with the ONCYT.



The contributions of each ONCYT to the global budget are destined exclusively to financing the groups in the country of said ONCYT that are included in the projects selected for financing.
Each proposal may aim to a financing of no more than the total sum of the maximum amounts contributed by each country involved in each line. As an example, a proposal for line 1 that includes groups from Argentina, Mexico and Peru may request as a maximum amount the sum of the contributions that each of these countries commits for line 1.


The CYTED Programme also finances the coordination meetings and technical follow-up of the projects, as well as the common training tasks contemplated therein, up to a maximum of 15.000 euros per year per project.




  • Applicants can represent or belong to public or private scientific, technological or innovation institutions, national or regional, as well as to non-governmental organizations or any other body involved in research activities.
  • Each proposal must include groups from at least three different countries and no more than two groups from the same country.
  • The same group can participate as a member in more than one proposal. However, CYTED will not grant more than one proposal to the same coordinator
ASSOCIATED GROUPS: The participation of groups from countries that do not finance the call will be accepted only if:
  • Added value to the proposal

  • Have access to financing that ensures their participation in the project

  • A maximum of TWO associated groups in each proposal will be allowed. Associated groups can not act as coordinators of the proposal. CYTED will not grant more than one