IBEROEKA is a certification performed by CYTED for strategic innovation projects for member countries that include partner corporations from at least two Ibero-American countries and that have funding from national agencies. The IBEROEKA certification, in addition to a quality seal,

allows priority access to financing mechanisms for innovation in each participating country.


The call is permanently open.



The applicant must be a corporation from one of the member countries of CYTED.

The project must have the support of the Iberoeka Management Body of the applicant’s country.

The purpose of the project must be to obtain new products, processes or services that contribute to improving the production sectors and the competitiveness of the region.



1. Elaboration of the profile of the project and presentation to CYTED

The corporation where the initiative for a project arises should contact the Iberoeka Agency Manager (IAM) of their country. The IAM are tasked with advising the applicant in the preparation of their project, on topics such as the formulation of project ideas, search for partners, and possible types of financing. Once the project profile has been prepared, the IAM presents it to CYTED. At the time of the presentation, the project must have a funding commitment from the national agencies.

2. Search for Ibero-American partners

CYTED will circulate the profile of the project among the IAM of the other countries for a month for the possible incorporation of new partners. The IAMs will study the proposal and, if it is of interest, they will look for partner corporations in their respective countries.


3. Preparation of the joint profile or final proposal

In case of obtaining a partner from another Ibero-American country through the corresponding IAM, the involved corporations will elaborate a joint project. This must include the confirmation of eligibility, on the part of the IAMs involved, to access the CYTED certification as an IBEROEKA Project.

4. Certification, approval of financing and execution

The CYTED Programme certifies the project and begins the execution with funds from national agencies and the follow-up of the IAMs.

5. Completion and final report

Once the project is completed, each participating IAM will present a final report.