Tipo de Publicación Año Pais Coordinador
A nonlinear control approach for hybrid solar thermal plants based on operational conditions Artículos 2022 España
A review from design to control of solar systems for supplying heat in industrial process applications Artículos 2022 España
A Sensor-to-Pattern Calibration Framework for Multi-Modal Industrial Collaborative Cells, Rato D., Oliveira M., Santos V., Gomes M. and Sappa A. Artículos 2022 Ecuador
A stabilizing predictive controller with implicit feedforward compensation for stable and time-delayed systems Artículos 2022 España
Actualidad Empresarial Libros 2022 España
ADO: An open digital end-to-end tank based aquaculture platform Artículos 2022 Chile
An overview of the most influential journals in fuzzy systems research Artículos 2022 Mexico
An Update on the Electronic Connection Issues of Low Power SWTs in AC-Coupled Systems: A Review and Case Study Artículos 2022 España
Análisis de la producción de maíz en España Artículos 2022 Ecuador
Analysis of the consumption profile of a refrigerator using an IoT architecture Artículos 2022 España
Antibiotic susceptibility among non-clinical Escherichia coli as a marker of antibiotic pressure in Peru (2009–2019): one health approach Artículos 2022 Perú
Art Graffiti Detection in Urban Images Using Deep Learning. Bomfim, Tacio Souza, Éldman de Oliveira Nunes, and Ángel Sánchez. Artículos 2022 Ecuador
Assessment of climate change’s impact on energy demand in Mexican buildings (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.esd.2022.12.012) Artículos 2022 Mexico
Assessment of energy poverty in Andalusian municipalities. Application of a combined indicator to detect priorities (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.egyr.2022.03.045) Artículos 2022 España
Automatic Detection of Knives in Complex Scenes. Moran, Maira, Aura Conci, and Ángel Sánchez. Artículos 2022 Ecuador