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Samart energy para la industria Memorias 2022 España
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SARS-CoV-2 vaccines strategies: a comprehensive review of phase 3 candidates Artículos 2021 Chile
Scalable ROS-Based Architecture to Merge Multi-source Lane Detection Algorithms, Almeida T., Santos V., Lourenço B. Artículos 2019 Ecuador
SCHC over LoRaWAN Efficiency: Evaluation and Experimental Performance of Packet Fragmentation Artículos 2022 Chile
SDN-Based Architecture for Transport and Application Layer DDoS Attack Detection by Using Machine and Deep Learning Artículos 2021 Colombia
Security in SDN: A comprehensive survey Artículos 2020 Colombia
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Seminario de Energía Eólica Memorias 2020 España
Seminario de Pequeñas Turbinas Eólicas Memorias 2019 España
Seminario de Turbinas Eólicas Memorias 2019 España
Simultaneous schedule design & routing with maintenance constraints for single fleet airlines. Artículos 2013 Mexico