Three full days' course oriented to training scientists (PhD, post-doc level) of biomedical areas interested on the endogenous cannabinoid system, its role in physiological and pathological regulation of the nervous system, the mechanism of action of plant-derived cannabinoids and their implications in health and disease. Theoretical modules: 1) Cannabinoid actions in the NS, 2) Cannabinoid signalling in the injured brain, and 3) Therapeutic implications. These morning modules will be expanded with training in current research methodologies in afternoon sessions. Students will have the opportunity to prepare their own research proposal and participate in a session for profesional and career development. Priority will be given to Latin-American and Caribbean area students involved in cannabinoid related research. Academic participants: E. Aso (UB, ES), S. Bhattacharyya, (UCL,UK), FS. Guimaraes (USP, BR), M. Guzmán (IUIN-UCM, ES), S. Joca (USP, BR & Aarhus Univ., DK), J. Kratz (Khiron Life Sci, DE), H.C. Lu (Indiana Univ., USA), K. Mackie (Indiana Univ., USA), C. Perez (OECM, ES), R. Peyraube (SUEN, UR). Applications: Expression of interest to participate should be sent to before March 15 th 2022. Request the LOI template. Include academic/ scientific affiliation, reasons to attend, previos experience and background on the cannabinoid field and others, short CV (max 3 pages), abstract (current project or research proposal. Organized by: CannaLatan: Iberoamerican Network of Cannabinoid Research (CYTED), Instituto Universitario de Investigación Neuroquímica UCM (IUIN, ES), Universidad de Sao Paulo (USP, BR), Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Ramón y Cajal (IRYCIS, ES).


La jornada  "Cannabis, Cannabinoides y Trastorno  de Espectro Autista: antecedentes y experiencias clínicas" tendrá lugar el próximo martes 21 de marzo desde las 15:00 h (hora Madrid, España GMT+1) a través de la plataforma Zoom         
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